Maintenance kit PMK1-4

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Maintenance kit PMK1-4

Post by metakip »

Hello, is anyone familiar with the Maintenance kits and relationship to functionality.
I have a HP8000 and everything is running well. Almost better than expected, 2 years and
counting and I have a few Delta notices within the smartstream pointing at:


any advise on the matter would be appreciated.

best regards
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Re: Maintenance kit PMK1-4

Post by krizzy »

PMK kits are designed to put eyes on your printer and clean or replace components that will likely cause failure in the near future. Your machine is asking for these systems to be looked at and addressed, and in some cases parts need to be replaced. Ignoring some of them will cause you down time when they do fail in the case of PMK4. Others, if ignored, can cause damages far beyond just the down time or cost of the parts. Other damage may be done to the printer resulting in a significantly higher service bill like the PMK 1,2.
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Re: Maintenance kit PMK1-4

Post by lipa »


i have to do PMK1. I have all parts. but how to reset the counter. I need password or usb service key.
Is there a solution without usb service key?

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