Small Format Speed Upgrade

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Small Format Speed Upgrade

Post by Jeffro »

It seems like, every month or so after installing the small format speed upgrade, the machine will start jamming endlessly and I have to reset and readjust the articulating arms. Then it's fine for another month or so. Is anyone else with the speed upgrade experiencing this?
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Mark in Vegas
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Re: Small Format Speed Upgrade

Post by Mark in Vegas »

There is a new small format speed kit that has been released, CZ309-67348. The arms have longer screws(don't know why they did that and "lifters".
The lifters actually cover six of the pinch rollers in the roof. Since I installed the kit on one of our PW's there hasn't been a single jam in the upper roof area or any where else for that matter. If you're seeing jams in the roof area I would contact HP support to see if they will release a kit to you.
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