KIP 8000, U04 error code

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KIP 8000, U04 error code

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OK, so the shock absorber things on the drop down section inside the machine are shot. I could always push it up by hand and get the machine to run again. Howver It stopped the other day and no matter what i've tried to do i can't get it to start again. Anyone have any ideas?
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Re: KIP 8000, U04 error code

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Hello tricoblue2,

You have posted in the HP Pagewide XL-8000 forum, not the KIP 8000 forum which is here:

As for your problem I have been able to reach one arm inside the machine as far as you can and push up on the transport unit from there while locking in the latch. Hope that helps.

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Re: KIP 8000, U04 error code

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I have taken the cover off of the back and left it off and gone to the other side of the machine and lifted it in place. Then went back around to the door side and made sure the latch is closed all the way. Replacing the 1 piston on the far side is a pain!
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